Hi guys,

as you may have noticed, I made a small campaign for a good cause and sold 250 caps with my new Thomas Müller logo last week. The caps were gone in a few hours. Thank you again for your great support! 100% of the proceeds go to the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation for grieving children. This is a project close to my heart that I have been supporting for many years now.

thomas mueller logo cap

Thomas Müller logo cap

The new Thomas Müller logo beats everything

At this point, I would like to take you behind the scenes and share a few thoughts about my new logo with you.

thomas mueller cap eichel

The new Thomas Müller logo and its origins

As you know, I'm not an ordinary footballer in most of what I create on the pitch. That's why I came up with something special for our new esmüllert logo. The symbol is an acorn, the fruit of the oak tree. For me, it symbolizes strength, wit, nature, and my Bavarian origins. Playing a game of Schafkopf in the beer garden is Bavarian quality of life and exactly my thing. It is not for nothing that the acorn top is the highest card that beats everything in the card game. So I thought I'd always like to have it on my hand.

Hence, when you see my acorn symbol in the future, you know, esmüllert!

Thank you for your support and stay healthy!

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